Daniel Wenas Ngegas Mikha Tambayong Dibully Kurus, Sahabat Disemprot Soal Candaan Sapu Lidi

Disaat Daniel membela Mikha, candaan Nadine Waworuntu soal tubuh sang sahabat rupanya dibanjiri kritikan.

WowKeren - Mikha Tambayong kini sudah cukup lama pacaran dengan pebasket Daniel Wenas. Hubungannya keduanya selalu terlihat romantis di sosial media.

Membuktikan cintanya, Daniel sempat membela Mikha yang dibully netizen. Seorang netter usil mention Daniel dan menyebut kekasihnya terlalu kurus.

"Cewe lu terlalu kurus bang @danielwenas," kata netter. "Ngerugiin lo gak?" balas Daniel yang agaknya emosi.

Mikha lantas mencoba menengahi. "Guysss really appreciate the concerns but it’s getting pretty annoying with all the degrading comments and DMs. Being THIN doesn’t necessarily mean UNHEALTHY, as much as having the SEEMINGLY “RIGHT” WEIGHT means HEALTHY. You don’t know people’s condition and what they’re going through. I feel perfectly happy and healthy because of the lifestyle i am living now. I eat what i feel is right and i workout on a regular basis (those who know me well know how hardcore i workout 😎). So let’s all learn that weight and shape doesn’t determine one’s health and happiness because despite anything, everyone is BEAUTIFUL regardless. Also...it’s not always about what you said but HOW you say it. So when you want to say something, say it nicely. If you can’t, then don’t say anything. Thanks yall, much love!" kata Mikha.

Reaksi Mikha Tambayong dan Daniel Wenas


Disisi lain, sahabat Mikha, Nadine Waworuntu, juga sempat diserang netter. Ini karena putri Ruth Sahanaya itu sempat bercanda menggoda Mikha mirip sapu lidi. "@nadinemmanuella masuk bodyshaming ga sih ya walopun temen sendiri yg komen. Udah lagi dibully temen sendiri ikutan komen soal body," kata netter.

Reaksi Nadine Waworuntu


Nadine langsung membela diri dan mengklaim cuma bergurau. "@miktambayong PREACH IT GIRL!!!! I was only joking anyway and mikha knows me pretty well on how we both take jokes. Chill guys its nothing like a serious body shaming or anything. Mikha’s a really happy and healthy person inside outside so cut the bullsht on commenting thinngs that are not necessary, you all out of all people should know im probably the last person who would bodyshame my own sister! Spread the positivity and make social media healthy and unpressurized anymore," kata Nadine.

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