Hey you you Baby you
What are you? Twe Twe Twenty two?
25? 28? You make me stutter you.
Don't care your age to me you look beautiful
You know me, im the guy you always tuned in to
The one that made you laugh, when you're feelin blue
You don't know me but you girlfriends had told you
They made you browse and check me out with your IM2
You look blue, lemme add a lil pink into you, lets mix colors and act a fool
So from babyblue, add pink and now youre babyplum
I know you like tha tone that you’ve become
You said im just tuh trying to get sum
Im not denying im just giving you reflection
We hold hands, I kissed you, you kissed too
Who stripped your blouse? Not my hands, its yours, you!
Baby Blue, im coming
Pour some pink, im running
Lemme tell you something
Baby Plum come let me in
Baby Blue, im coming
Pour some pink, im running
Lemme tell you something
Baby Plum come let me in
It aint your fault, I aint blaming you, you really cant control, its just how I do.
I come to you, time and time, time again
I rescue you, you smile, I leave the scene
Imagine this mentality applied on whatever style you choose, I know you like to fly.
When I kiss you, you don't have to close your eyes, I don't blame you, I am a sight for sore eyes.
Bababababy, I know you you you you want me
I do you over and over over again, have a break of chocolate bar and then I start again.
Ur baby blue, add pink, then babyplum
We're so discreet lets keep it from everyone.
1 time, 2, 3 or 4 time, I'll decide, lemme add some pink and then some...
Baby be advise
There's a line we need not to cross by
See you got ur own life
I got mine so no strings attached right
And in love we might fall
But this is life we cant win em all
Yet Babe above all
You've won my heart, ur my pots of gold.

You need me
And you feed me
We crossed it, backed it, profusely
Babe I cant deny
My heart is left inside
So hold on to it tight

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