Big Dawg Shit (Feat. Chi Hoover)

[Verse 1: Jeremih]
You ain't figured I'm the one yet
Motherfuckers sleepin' on ya boy
Y'all niggas waitin' on the sunset
Just copped a crib off Sunset
Bank account fat now my sun set
I just do this shit for fun, to tell the truth I ain't even havin' fun yet
Just copped a Bentley coupe, left the Range Rover on 13th 22
Shawty bootylicious like Beyoncé but the lil bitch only 22
Makin power moves in Khaled
Make me feel like we the best
Wouldn't signed to Def Jam
If I would have knew that they were deaf
I don't honour no rules
Guess I live my life flawless
Niggas thinkin' I'mma fall
But my name ain't August
Change bitches like decisions
Blowin' money no reasons
'Lotta bitches in my DM's
She done probably be you [?]

[Break: Chi Hoover]
Money make the world go round
Fuck with me and make your girl go round
Big dawg shit
Big dawg shit

[Verse 2: Jeremih]
Tryna get my pockets I can spill shit
Feelin' like the [?]
Woke up this mornin' and a nigga had a dream
That I'ma king, Martin Luther
Most of these niggas be bitches
Most of these hoes ain't loyal
These niggas talkin' bout self
I ain't even trust their lawyers
Had some niggas dice with me, had to [?]
Already fucked your bitch, I ain't even got time to
One the line talkin' money me and Hoover

[Verse 3: Chi Hoover]
What up?
Fuck with Jay then I fuck around and shoot ya
Big dawg we don't fuck with no poodles
Press a button, top drop, car roofless
[?] money then brag
Whipp lookin' like Back to the Future
Hol' up

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