Buy You Diamonds

Bitch so bad but the pussy so good
Want to take her to an island
Walking in the mall with a whole lot of bags
Imma take you shopping
Want to ride like me, want to shine like me
Imma buy you diamonds
Young rich nigga, I ain’t lying
Bitch take a look at these diamonds
Imma buy you diamonds, Imma buy you diamonds
Your man ain’t trapping no hundred band cap
Imma buy you diamonds
Imma buy you diamonds, Imma buy you diamonds
Young rich nigga I ain’t lying, bitch take a look at these diamonds

[Verse 1:]
Bitch wanted diamonds from Tiffanys
She look at my neck and [?]
Young nigga had to grind for the cash
I swerve in the Masi, my haters is mad
Pussy so good I fall asleep in it
Counting blue hundreds, I wake up
I bought her a Rolex and took her to Jacobs
Sipping on Actavis, two cup
I done fell in love with a foreign
Kitchen, she be cooking in the morning
Bitch not mine like Maury
Diamonds they hitting like Bruce Lee
Young, she fucking anybody
Bitch I be running from paparazzi
Geeked up, I got her on the Scotty
Major my chef is cooking hibachi
Your watch fugazi, can’t trick me
My diamonds they AG
She want to ride with a young rich nigga
Putting 3 5 in the swishers
I’m smoking on nothing but OG gas
Bitch so bad I’m dropping the cash
She love when I smash
We walking through Lennox with plenty bags


[Verse 2:]
Can’t put no ring on that finger
Look at my chain and your eyes are in danger
Got a bad bitch with a banger, always keep one in the chamber
Don’t trust these hoes what mama keep telling me
They fuck [?] and jewelry
You cuff em and keep em in custody
Look at my neck I got too many chains on me
Dropping and topping the roof, I got the juice
Bitches they fuck in the coupe
She said she don’t fuck with the molly I know that shes taking a boot
I walk in this bitch, they pull out the camera
They taking the pics, look at my wrist
Young nigga came up from the bricks, I got your ho on my dick
Keep kissing these strippers on the mouth
How he take that ho to the house
My money so tall, can’t count
Bitch ass so fake, can’t bounce
I’m on the way to the island
Fingers are flooded with diamonds
Imma get money regardless
I’m sipping the syrup in the morning


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